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About Us

 VERA BARCLAY who started to dance at the age of 3yrs is member  of the International Dance Teachers Association and is now a LIFE MEMBER. She has taught Rock’n’Roll, Modern Ballroom, Latin American, Old Time, and Dance Exercise & Swing over a period of more than 50 years. She taught the troubled youth of Lowestoft Rock’n’Roll in the early fifties (with help from her late husband John), appearing weekly with John on the BBC Television show ‘6.5 Special’; and also judged for COME DANCING. She taught Classical Sequence (Old Time) to juveniles in the sixties, with success in competitions at national and international levels; with John she formed the ‘Coleridge Academy of Dancing’ and taught at  the Village Colleges,schools & University around CAMBRIDGESHIRE, ELY & SUFFOLK both to school children during the day in school time, and to adults in the evening,  she was  also asked by the Principle of HOMERTON COLLEGE to teach the teachers, who were taking their degrees to teach in schools, Ballroom, which came under the heading of PE.. Vera and John also taught in their own studio. Her DANCE EXERCISE CLASSES were all over Cambridgeshire with a huge waiting list   After moving to FELIXSTOWE on account of John’s illness (he had been diagnosed with severe Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis), she and John taught at the Felixstowe Leisure Centre and at the Walton Memorial Hall, and Leiston sports centre as well as running TEA DANCES at the Leisure Centres in Felixstowe and Woodbridge for the suffolk coastal district council.

MORE RECENTLY, after John’s death, she and her new husband Mike set up the ‘ACADEMY OF BALLROOM DANCING' now the ‘EAST ANGLIA SCHOOL OF DANCE' and has been teaching at the ‘Turner Hall’ in Newmarket for the past 15 years, since their move,  this has now closed.

MIKE WAKEFIELD is a Licentiate of the International Dance Teachers Association. He started going to Modern Ballroom and Latin American classes in the early sixties. He attended John and Vera’s classes in the seventies. After a long gap and following John’s death he joined Vera and became a professional dance teacher  some time ago after their marriage in 2000. He has taught at the ‘Turner Hall’ in Newmarket for the past 12 years and is now continuing with Vera at their   new classes bringing their knowledge to a new area & level.
  You take from what we teach, which is, 'A LIFE TIME OF MAKING FRIENDS AND DANCING for your WEDDING, CRUISE or just SOCIALISING. and most important TO GET & KEEP FIT, and to have FUN'.  Also when we teach we show you how to use most of your muscles and not forgetting, gentlemen,  how to lead your partner.
The International Dance Teachers Association is one of the dance world’s leading dance teaching bodies worldwide. As well as providing amateur medal tests for countless thousands in many countries it provides professional training for teachers at all levels. WE ARE MEMBERS OF THIS SOCIETY ONLY.